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Welcome To Astral Shaiya!
Closed Keep Check For Updates

Welcome To Astral Shaiya! If You're New, You're Wondering Where To Start!!

1) Join This Forum By Creating A Forum Account At The Top Right Of This Page! Remember That This Account Will Be Different From Your Game Registration Account!

2) Download The Client To The Right Of This Box! Be Sure To Extract The .Zip File To ONE Folder!! Otherwise You Won't Be Able To Update!

4) Enjoy The Atmosphere Of Astral Shaiya!

Check Out Our EPvPers Recruiting Page At:

About Astral Shaiya:

Astral Shaiya is an Ep5.4 Server With Ep6 Content.
We Currently Have A Lvl 70 Cap and x10 PvP Kills.

We Include:

Custom Gear (Your Own Personal Gear With Your Unique Design And Name!);

Leveling For All Preferences
(Level Yourself, Or Create Max Lvl Characters Automatically!)

Ep6 Minimaps for All Maps;

Free Starter Gear In Item Mall;

A Player-Fueled Economy System;

Ep6 Gear Drops For Everyone;

Updated Drop List For Those Who'd Rather Farm;

Most Importantly, Have Fun Here! This Is A Place Where We Come To Cool Off, Not Get Riled Up! Have A Good Time!!

Events are Held on Server Time Zone

UPDATE: Astral Shaiya Is Closed Until Further Notice.

Astral Shaiya Is Out Of This World!